How To Make Money Online By Selling Stock Photography

Who wouldn’t want to make extra cash these days? If you have the passion for photography burning in you, a career in photography would be a great idea! This can be a lucrative service business for many people. There are a lot of digital cameras in the market to choose from that can suit your type. But that was not what I wanted to talk about today…

First, let’s talk business

Starting a photography home service business can be profitable if you’re passionate about photography and if you know how to market your photos. There are many businesses who need photos that are significant to their projects but do not have much time to take these pictures due to their hectic schedules. They choose to buy stock photos rather than hiring a professional photographer, not only to save money but time as well because these photos are ready to use.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography refers to a collection of high quality images that are used for creative and business purposes. Stock photos are not photographed for a specific client or use but depict a more general concept. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved in stock photography. The buyers get the desired photo, the stock photography agencies get a percentage of every photo sold on their website, and the photographer gets the remaining percentage.

What do I need to start selling stock photography?

You need a high-quality digital SLR camera and lenses. There are a lot of cameras in the market with great features but you need a bigger budget for DSLRs. They are ideal but are expensive. Fortunately, when you’re in a tight budget, there are some stock photo agencies that will accept micro-stock photos from digital cameras of at least two to three pixels.

You will also need some kind of software for making adjustments to your stock photos. You need it to remove imperfections in your photos and to adjust the colors and contrasts in your photos. The well-known software used for editing is Adobe Photoshop. There are a lot of tutorials you can search that will help you improve your editing skills.

What are the guidelines in stock photography?

There are strict guidelines you need to follow when taking pictures for a stock photography business. In order for your photos to be considered stock photo quality, they need to be modest, properly taken, skilfully exposed and with high resolution.

These photos must be what your customers are looking for. You must be able to have an in-depth understanding of the markets and how and what to shoot. You must also know what images are regularly required but in short supply.

You need your photos to be of its highest quality. You need to make certain that there are no visible noises or grains in your stock photos. They need to be clear of smudges, and unnecessary background items.Where can I sell my stock photos?

There are a lot of stock photography agencies where your photos can be sold. These websites have guidelines on what you should acquire in order to make a successful photo submission.

Got a Digital Camera? Earn From Stock Photography

Photography is a pastime and hobby for many people. Since the popularity of the digital camera photography has become accessible to everyone, gone are the days of having to wait for the negatives to be developed and printing out. No longer do you have to think about every snap you take with the right aperture and shutter speed setting to get good photographs. And more importantly, the cost once you have purchased a digital camera is virtually nil.

Using our camera to make money is a much easier option nowadays. With immediate electronic download technology making a profit from your photographic work can be done with any decent digital camera and online PC.

Selling pictures to stock photography agencies is open for business right now. There are many agencies right across the web who can take your pictures on and generate an income online.

So, what kind of pictures can I make money from? The answer is quite simply anything, but bear in mind that some pictures give better rewards than others.iStockPhoto and Fotolia are two examples of stock photography agencies that offer photographers money for their pictures on a pay-per-download basis, this is in exchange for their other royalty payment rights. The most popular and almost certain guaranteed good returns on incomes income is from the predictable sexy women partly dressed photographs, but then it always had been with conventional photography.

If you travel a bit or go on holidays regularly, there are good opportunities to build up your travel photographs and use these from potential income, try and get a slightly different view from most tourists that visit and photograph, the slightly different but not too far removed will be more in demand than your straight on holiday snap.

Another big area of popularity is pictures of pets and animals, this is always going to be a big genre with so may pet lovers in this world. There are hundreds of website solely dedicated to pet pictures and these are sub-divided into the type of pets, i.e. dogs, cats, fish, horses etc. even rats.

The bottom line is that money can be made out of most types of pictures, even one of your grandma. It is just a case of getting out there and snapping, downloading to one or a variety of stock photography agencies and wait for your first payment.