Got a Digital Camera? Earn From Stock Photography

Photography is a pastime and hobby for many people. Since the popularity of the digital camera photography has become accessible to everyone, gone are the days of having to wait for the negatives to be developed and printing out. No longer do you have to think about every snap you take with the right aperture and shutter speed setting to get good photographs. And more importantly, the cost once you have purchased a digital camera is virtually nil.

Using our camera to make money is a much easier option nowadays. With immediate electronic download technology making a profit from your photographic work can be done with any decent digital camera and online PC.

Selling pictures to stock photography agencies is open for business right now. There are many agencies right across the web who can take your pictures on and generate an income online.

So, what kind of pictures can I make money from? The answer is quite simply anything, but bear in mind that some pictures give better rewards than others.iStockPhoto and Fotolia are two examples of stock photography agencies that offer photographers money for their pictures on a pay-per-download basis, this is in exchange for their other royalty payment rights. The most popular and almost certain guaranteed good returns on incomes income is from the predictable sexy women partly dressed photographs, but then it always had been with conventional photography.

If you travel a bit or go on holidays regularly, there are good opportunities to build up your travel photographs and use these from potential income, try and get a slightly different view from most tourists that visit and photograph, the slightly different but not too far removed will be more in demand than your straight on holiday snap.

Another big area of popularity is pictures of pets and animals, this is always going to be a big genre with so may pet lovers in this world. There are hundreds of website solely dedicated to pet pictures and these are sub-divided into the type of pets, i.e. dogs, cats, fish, horses etc. even rats.

The bottom line is that money can be made out of most types of pictures, even one of your grandma. It is just a case of getting out there and snapping, downloading to one or a variety of stock photography agencies and wait for your first payment.

Microstock Photography

What is Microstock Photography?

When a company wants to advertise for its product, traditionally, it is rather large-scale as they need to look for models to pose for them and a good photographer to take these photos. All these cost a lot of money. So stock companies became a trend. They take ready photos, burn them into CDs and let customers view these photos. They would order from these companies for their advertisements. Stock photos can cost hundreds of dollars.

In a fast pace world where almost everything is quickly accessible online, advertisers have to compete with similar companies to come out with advertisements quickly and at a low cost to maximise profit. As internet has become a norm in every household and every place, the trend now is designers sourcing for photos on the internet and these microstock companies are the source of their photos. The demand for these photos and illustrations, became very high that almost everyone, including you and me use these photos for designing websites.

Why Microstock Photography?

Simply because there is a huge demand for it! Microstock photography has become more and more popular with designers and webmasters because of their royalty free images and cheap costs. Microstock photography is like a photographer taking photos and putting them in shops for people to buy them. These photographers take pictures of almost anything and the microstock agencies select what they think would sell and help you promote them for free. Prices of the photos ranges from as low as 20cents for royalty free to as high as few hundreds for extended license.

Can I generate passive income out of microstock photography?

Definitely! You do not have to pay any sum to join these microstock photography agencies like Dreamstime, Istockphoto, Canstockphoto, Bigstockphoto, fotolia, fotomind, and fotosearch. They would select quality photos which are suitable for their agencies portfolio and display them online for customers to choose.

I personally joined Dreamstime and have earned more than $300 since. This year, I started to join them as an exclusive member and they paid me 20cents for every picture accepted by them, including the past photos that have already been online! Exclusive photos in their site sells at a higher cost and they have different levels. The more downloads you have for a particular photo, the higher the level of the photo, the more expensive the cost would be to buy them, which is good news for contributors.

Other microstock photographers prefer to expand their streams of income by uploading their photos to different agencies and not be exclusive. It’s your choice. The reason why I went exclusive in Dreamstime because I have more sales in there than any other agencies. The key to generating more income is to expand your portfolio by having more photos for customers to choose from. Isolated business photos and photos of business people always sell. Landscape and food photos are very popular too.

Can I quit my job and do microstock photography only?